Central Texas MLS Access Personal Assistant Set-Up Form 


This form is for the purpose of registering Licensed and Unlicensed Personal Assistant user requiring a login and password for the CTXMLS.


Fees to join: Estimated fees for CTXMLS Access. *Fees will be based on your month of activating services. 

You will be emailed a final total due before processing. 


Download Dues Agreement Here (sign and return) 

Download Supra eKey Agreement Here (sign and return)


Terms & Conditions of FRAR/CTXMLS Subscription Access


Email documents to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Contact our membership department at (830) 625-6954 with any questions you may have.



Estimates Fees to Join: 

One-Time Application Fee - $100

Unlicensed User CTXMLS Subscription Fees: $208.75/Semi-Annually (every six months)

Licensed User CTXMLS Subscription Fees: $287.92/Semi-Annually (every six months)